Testimonials From PELE Alumni

Want to learn more about what others are saying about the PELE program?  Check out the feedback below from fellow Engineers who participated in last year’s program.

“The Leadership Spotlights provided a great insight on how different leaders approach similar problems from unique directions. I’ll undoubtedly reflect on those experiences when approached by similar situations in my future careers.”

“I was inspired by talks from community leaders to try, fail, and keep trying.”

“I really liked this week’s session.  Any chance I get to reflect on how to interact with others is great.  Everything in life is about interacting with others- such an important skill!  I appreciate the time that was put into the presentation as well.  Thank you so much.  This has been a really great experience.”

“Today’s session was really nice.  It made me realize how much I assume people know the same info as me, but they don’t.  Thank you for today’s lesson.”