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What is PELE?

The Petrovich Emerging Leaders Experience (PELE) is a unique opportunity for Michigan Engineers to enhance their professional and leadership skills in a semester-long program.

Why participate in PELE?

The College of Engineering prides itself on producing the next generation of leaders in engineering fields. The challenges of the 21st century demand engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset, collaborative spirit, intercultural skills, and a sense of social & environmental responsibility comfortable leading teams and companies. PELE offers Michigan engineers an introduction to the leadership skills and theory for those driven to learn and lead.  So what’s in it for you?  Below are just some of the many things you will gain by participating in the program. 

  • Experiential learning through hands-on activities and case studies
  • Opportunity to tap into corporate and industry networks
  • Develop your own personal leadership philosophy
  • Gain skills in leadership theories, intercultural communication, entrepreneurial mindset, community building, and culture of organizations